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Nutrition for Weight Loss + Yoga CLASS
6 Week Group Program  

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Let me show you how to easily lose 5-10kgs before Xmas + energise and strengthen your body.

If you’re tired of trying to lose weight and battle against your cravings…

And you’re ready to easily lose stored body fat, get glowy & live in a vibrant, healthy body…

The Spring Into Summer 6 Week Program is for you!


I’ll teach you the science of Primal Nutrition and how to easily burn excess fat..

So that you can finally say goodbye to your wobbly bits…
Be at your perfect weight and stay there with EASE (without fighting your hunger each day)…  
And feel gorgeous and confident in your own skin again!

This 6 Week Program Includes:

// 6 weekly sessions (60 minutes) presented in two back-to-back 30min sessions: 

  • Nutrition for Weight Loss 
  • Yoga Class

// Program workbook, handouts, and resources to take away with you and use forever.
// Email support between sessions so you can always feel aligned and on-track.
// Membership To The 'Spring into Summer' Facebook Group to share inspiration and ideas.
// Food Tasting Night - new and unusual foods that heal the gut & Supercharge Weight Loss!

+ Bonuses!

  • Nutrition Guide — aka: the Primal Nutrition Weight Loss ‘Bible’.
  • Cooking for Family & Kids — Learn 7 Quick & Easy Primal Meals You Can Make in 30 Mins!
  • 10 Hormone Balancing Primal Lunches (That Taste Amazing & Take 15 Minutes To Prepare!)
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Have questions about the program?
Book a Free 15min Discovery Call and find out if Spring Into Summer is right for you!

During this 10 Week Program you will learn:

  • How To Release Stored Body Fat + Switch Into Fat Burning Mode so you can reach your ideal weight easily, and stay there for life. 
  • How to Eat To Increase Your Energy.
  • The Cravings Release Method to free yourself from emotional eating, for good.
  • A Gentle & Easy Yoga Practice to restore energy, gain strength and flexibility.


30min Nutrition Session + 30min Yoga Class

Week 1
// Your Nutrition For Weight Loss Blueprint Part 1 — Discover the key to effortless weight loss.
// Releasing Stored Tension and Creating Relaxation: Kickstart your weight loss!
Week 2
// Your Nutrition For Weight Loss Blueprint Part 2 - Learn why diets don’t work.  
// Sun Salutes with a twist - the simple sequence to increase your energy.
Week 3
// Understanding Hunger + How To Eat To Increase Your Energy
// Standing Poses for Strength & Balance
Week 4
// Cravings + Emotional Eating: The Proven System To Release Yourself, For Good
// Sitting Poses to Aid Digestion & Organ Function
Week 5
// Food Tasting Night: Heal Your Gut & Supercharge Your Weight Loss
// Core Strength Poses + Lengthening The Spine
Week 6
// Stress, Hormones & Weight Loss: Slow Life Down & Lose A Pants Size (or 2... or 3... )
// Relax, Restore & Sleep Deeply


Have questions about the program?
Book a Free 15min Discovery Call and find out if Spring Into Summer is right for you!


your teacher

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Hi, I'm Maree Thom and I'd love to show you how to lose all the weight you want, easily, without restricting food or feeling like you have to 'stick' to a diet. 

I struggled with my weight for 20 years before I discovered Primal Nutrition. I lost a tonne of weight, effortlessly, while eating delicious Primal meals and never feeling hungry or like I was 'on a diet'. It's now my absolute joy to share this commonsense approach to food and weight loss with YOU!

I've taught Yoga for around 15 years, my approach is simple and down to earth. My intention is for you to learn a simple practice you can do at home that makes you feel more energised, stronger, and healthier. 
Maree xx


Now (guys & gals), if you think you're not stretchy enough for yoga... 

Don't worry -
I've got you sorted!

30min yoga CLASSES ARE:

  • Suitable for absolute beginners.
  • Gentle and Easy. They'll help you tone up your wobbly bits and increase strength and flexibility.
  • Designed to make you feel more grounded, resilient, and emotionally balanced. 
  • Relaxed - sometimes in yoga you've just gotta have a giggle! And laugh in these classes we certainly do!
  • The elixir for overwhelm. When the kids are driving you crazy, you've eaten 'all the food' and time to yourself seems like a fantasy - this 30min class will help you re-set the craziness (busy-ness) and restore your energy.
  • A great way to start or continue a weight loss journey. 
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IF you're

Wanting to lose 5 - 10kgs before Xmas and feel gorgeous and glowey over summer...

And you're ready to take the 'baby steps' approach to feeling energised and strong...

Sign up for Spring into Summer!

....and get rid of those wobbly bits, for good :) xx



7.15 - 8.15pm

Ohoka Hall, 493 Mill Rd
Ohoka Village Opposite the Domain
7 November - 12 December 2017
Only 12 spaces available.



7.30 - 8.30pm

Belfast Community Network
710 Main Rd, Belfast
9 November - 14 December 2017
Only 12 spaces available.


Do you have questions about the program?
Book a Free 15min Discovery Call with Maree and find out if Spring Into Summer is right for you!



Q: Is Primal Nutrition a diet?
A: No. Primal Nutrition will free you from the damaging cycle of dieting and give you the weight loss results you really want.

Q: Will I have to cook special meals?
A: No. Primal Nutrition is about eating normal foods you know and love with a few small tweaks to kickstart your weight loss and get you feeling GREAT without restricting the amount of food you eat or counting calories!!

Q: I'm a beginner when it comes to yoga, will I be able to do the 30min class?
A: Yes! These 30min classes are designed for absolute beginners and all ages. You don't need to be bendy to do yoga because yoga makes you bendy, and that's the point of practicing it. 

Q: Can I come along casually?
A: No. The program is limited to only 12 people per class. 

Q: What should I wear?
A: Comfy, stretchy clothing that allows you to move with ease for the yoga class. There's no need for a lycra leotard... but by all means come along in your best 80's outfit should the mood take you! :)

Q: Are there yoga mats provided?
A: Yes. However you're welcome to bring your own mat if you prefer. 

Q: Should I eat before the class?
A: It's best to arrive at class on an empty-ish stomach, so please try to have your last big meal 2 - 3 hours before we start the yoga component of the 60min class. 


In 4 weeks I have gone down one dress size - with ease.
I highly recommend Maree’s program!
— Gwenda, NZ
I’ve lost 3.6kgs in 3 weeks using Maree’s program.
This is the yummiest way to lose weight EVER!
— Jess, NZ
“Not even a week into the program and I’ve already lost 1kg!
I’m not as hungry and I have a lot more energy.
— Jeane, NZ
“It’s been 5 days since I started Maree’s program and I’ve already lost weight!
I have a much smaller appetite throughout the day and just feel a lot better.
— Terrie, USA
“One month into eating Primal and my Arthritis is practically gone!
— Terrie, USA
“When I dieted in the past it was always a worry to stay on it, there is no worry with this method. I recommend Maree’s program to anyone wanting to benefit from quick weight loss and a healthier way of living!
— Jeane, NZ
“Eating Primally is having a truly positive impact on my Polymyalgia - I am walking more freely and have less muscle restriction. I noticed the improvements almost straight away and the progress has continued ever since! 
— Jeane, NZ
Maree’s gentle, encouraging approach to teaching yoga is inspiring and motivating. I was nervous about taking a yoga class at first but her relaxed and supportive style made me feel totally at ease.
— Helen, NZ
I totally recommend Maree if you’re a beginner with yoga.
She makes the classes fun and easy to understand!
— Latu, NZ
This is the first time I’ve ever been able to stick with doing exercise!
Maree’s yoga has been a total game-changer for me.
— L.H - NZ

If you have any questions about the program please don't hesitate to get in touch....
Book a Free 15min Discovery Call so we can chat and find out if the program is right for you :)